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Wednesday 11 May 2022



New Tender Opportunities at Community Concern of Orphans and Development Association (COCODA) May, 2022

Since its establishment COCODA TZ has recorded scaled achievement as evidenced by substantial numbers of community members reached by various programmatic interventions implemented by the organization as well as heightened level of partnership with funding partners, the government as well as community based implementing partners. Looking back at 18 years of work today COCODA TZ proudly boasts of successful completion of impactful interventions implemented mainly through funding support of PEPFAR/USAID and Global Fund for HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria among others. 

As the organization is envisaging expansion in the future, it is imperative that it assembles a team of top-notch development professionals to drive this expansion. It is within this background that COCODA TZ is seeking to conduct salary and benefits survey among comparator organizations. The purpose is to establish industry benchmarks to use in improving its salary and benefits packages for retaining and attracting well trained and experienced human resources. 

The overall objective of this assignment is to gather information on the industry best practices in salary and benefits composition for the employees. The specific objectives of the assignment will include: 
Conduct a market survey of comparator organizations within Tanzania for purposes of reviewing the current salary and benefits received by the staff members; 
Determine benefits and entitlements that can be offered by COCODA TZ over and above the basic salary, based on comparison with the comparator organizations; 
Benchmark each position and the remuneration package against the current market trend; 
Present the consolidated findings and propose the most suitable salary and benefits structure and scale, based on the job, position, duration, and merit of each position. 

The scope of the survey will involve the following: 

  • Review existing and relevant documentation such as salary level, job descriptions, HR rules and regulations, earlier salary surveys and payroll documents to gain a full understanding of the current salary structure of COCODA TZ; 
  • Interview at least seven (7) comparators organizations in similar industry to compare the salaries, allowance and benefits offered within Tanzania; 
  • Match existing Job Description with those of comparator organizations to facilitate an accurate determination of salary levels for various positions and job groups; 
  • Develop a salary scale based on the findings of the survey; 
  • Present a consolidated report with recommendations from the findings of the survey.

The consultant will be required to ensure that methods used to conduct the survey are robust. Some of the methods to be considered include: 

  • Organize initial consultation with COCODA TZ management team to agree on the assignment expectations; 
  • Interviews with the staff of comparator organizations on salary and benefits issues; 
  • Review of the documents, especially HR records on salary scales and other benefits offered to the employees; 
  • Organize Focus Group Discussion with groups of employees at COCODA TZ and, if practical, from comparator organizations sampled; 
  • Review of the available industry best practices on salary and benefits compensation. 
Upon completion, the survey is expected to deliver final report with the following outputs: 

  • Comprehensive analysis of industry trend for salary and benefits packages in comparison to what is being offered at COCODA TZ; 
  • Remuneration package review for each position in comparison to the current market trend; 
  • Updated pay structure for each position in the organization based on market trend for comparator organizations; 
  • Recommendations to COCODA TZ on how retain and attract qualified, competent and experienced employees to advance its goal and mission; 
  • A presentation to COCODA TZ management on the survey findings and recommendations. 

The assignment will be carried out for 10 working days from 16th May to 27th May 2022

The interested consulting firm / individuals must provide sufficient information in the proposal to demonstrate compliance with the TORs. The proposal shall include, as a minimum: 

  • Letter of Interest; 
  • Company profile outlining relevant qualification, accreditation, years and depth of experience; 
  • CVs of lead consultant/s; 
  • Proposed timeline and budget; 
  • A summarized description and brief examples of work on the previous specific projects, if applicable. 

Please send your expression of interest by email info@cocoda.or.tz or hr@cocoda.or.tz The deadline for submission of your application is 5.30 pm of the 14th May 2022.

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